Exterior Blinds


Enjoy year-round outdoor entertaining with Zipscreen Blinds. They are often chosen by customers when they are looking for the sleek finish of a fully enclosed product. The 125mm square box is significantly smaller and neater than the other options on the market. Designers took specific attention to ensuring the Box, Rails and Components were designed with a European finish, to suit the latest contemporary exterior architecture of Australian homes. Often compared to the Ziptrak Blind system, the Zipscreen offers a refined look which many customers prefer.


Ziptrak is simple to use – no chains, ropes or pulleys, providing effortless operation. The unique spring balanced system allows the blind to easily move up and down stopping at any position.

The Ziptrak track-guided blind system provides protection from the elements by allowing you to easily control airflow, light and temperature.

Ziptrak allows you to make the most of the outdoors and is the perfect way to extend your living space and enjoy year-round outdoor entertaining.


The sunshade provides a unique spring tensioned retractable blind idea for verandahs, pergolas, external window fittings and balustrades.

The high quality lock-down system makes the sunshade a very quick and easy blind to operate and secure.

The sunshade is available in a wide range of shade mesh fabrics. It provides protection from the elements and reduces sun glare while still keeping your view.

The Sunshade is a very affordable option where shade is needed and price is important.

Straight Drop Blinds

Straight drop, or verandah blinds are a traditional style of blind that offer great versatility through a choice of operation methods and lock down options.

The three configurations available include the popular gearbox operation, spring roll up and fixed timber batten top with rope and pulley.

Straight drop blinds are easy to use, affordable and available in a wide variety of fabric choices making them suitable for almost every type of installation.

Cafe Blinds & Infill Panels

Cafe Blinds are a versatile option providing protection from the elements and a cost effective method for turning your outdoor area into a year round entertaining area.

The versatility of the cafe blinds makes it an extremely popular choice as each blind can be tailored with custom solutions for doorways, valances, pitched roofs, obstacles, cut outs and much more.

They are available in a wide selection of high quality materials and various fabrics, the cafe blind ensures protection from the elements whilst providing a stylish finish that will compliment the area.

The infill panels ensure that any odd spaces can be filled and with a cafe blind and provide that finishing touch to the outside area. Infill panels are great for creating wind breaks and can be cut in various shapes and sizes to overcome obstacles.

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